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nUfFnaNg HerE

not in a rite mOOd

i'm so lonely...
i need someone to hold me~
make me feel better not make me feel even worst...
i'm heartbroken rite now...
don't know what 2 do...
i can't sleep at nite
coz my head kept spinning around & around thinking of dis crap feelin of mine
arghh.. i really need a break
i don't know how to speak my heart out loud so dat someone could try to understand me
could stop make me hurt

am i selfish
or am i over react
i don't know

the one who always been there 4 me is~
when i'm sad
even angry~

p.s: sorry korang... can't help it =(


Dak Wan

Huh? Naper erk down? Bntal ikan tu ilang ke?


jgn sedih2...kitrg kan ada....chhiiiiaaaaa.....


dak wan: bantal ikan tu yg teman rash slalu =)

nurul: ala.. korang bukan ade kt cni =p